Farm Quality inspections


Once the fruit arrives at the packaging facility, it is classified based on different quality categories, selecting the bananas according to the scope accepted by the Customer.

The bunch is classified by size, pulp quality and appearance. Then the hands are cut being careful not to damage the neck of the fingers and getting rid of damaged fingers.

The hand is divided into clusters of 4 and 7 fingers. The fruit is again checked to eliminate those that have spots, etc.

FRUTIBONI S.A has highly qualified technicians with plenty of experience handling plantation plagues and pests. The fruit is placed in the water tank where it remains for at least 20 minutes with the purpose of eliminating the natural latex; then it is placed on dishes where the fruit is weighed and it must meet the minimum weight.

The next step is to carry out the second fumigation to get rid of any residues and to create a protective layer against any pathogen agents guaranteeing the preservation of its quality and that the consumer receives a product that is completely healthy. Later on the labels are individually placed, the fruit is packaged and vacuumed, then the lids are placed on the boxes and the fruit is loaded onto the pallets that hold it inside the containers that are delivered to the port of Guayaquil or Puerto Bolívar to be exported to our customers in different countries in America, Europe and Asia.

Producers visits

Generally we have 2 types of visits to our producers

First and the most important is the verification of the phytosanitary state of the farms and packing house. This visit is conducted minimum every 4 weeks, and is the one that determines if the farm is in approved conditions to process fruit for us or not. In this visit we verify the conditions of the plantation, including that: there are no flooded zones, there are no defoliation problems caused by diseases or insects, etc.

The other visit occurs generally on the day of process to certify everything is done under the specification and requirements of FRUTIBONI S.A.

Quality reports online

Dear customer, in our web site, you will be able to find the quality reports of the day of process for the fruit we have shipped to you.

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GLOBALGAP is an international program with a set standards of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) that guaranty the consumer that buys a product with GLOBALGAP certification, that the product was cultivated under the required standards.

With the certification the producers demonstrate their adhesion to the GLOBALGAP Standards.

For consumers, supermarkets and retailers, the GLOBALGAP certificate gives them peace of mind that the product purchased reaches levels accepted quality and safety, which has been produced in a sustainable manner, respecting health, safety and welfare of workers and the environment.